Author Anna DeForest
The Rancher and the Heiress

The Rancher and the Heiress

Lang Nelson didn’t know if he was hiring a cook or taking in a stray. Beth Richards claimed to know her way around a kitchen and the Rafter N, the Colorado ranch that had been in the Nelson family for generations, needed help in the worst way. Still, Lang’s common sense and the frightened look in Beth’s eyes told him the lovely lady was on the run.

Fleeing a glittering life of wealth and status, Beth found herself drawn to the ruggedly handsome cowboy. Lang Nelson made her feel safe and vibrantly alive. But a dark secret in her past made her shy from Lang’s passionate touch and his kind but managing ways. And although she had tried to cover her tracks, she knew serious trouble was on her trail.

Formerly published as The Cowboy and The Heiress

“Anna DeForest pens a sensuous, down-to-earth love story, peopled with believable and appealing characters.”
Romantic Times
“DeForest will delight fans of the cowboy romance.”
—Julia Ann Charpentier for Affaire de Coeur