High Country Marshals Series

Book 1

Miranda’s Promise

Sacrificing her reputation to provide for her orphaned nephews, Miranda Kilpatrick took over the saloon she inherited from her uncle, along with a world of trouble. Knowing she can never marry, Miranda tries not to care if Tobias Johnston, the handsome new schoolmaster, believes she is a fallen woman. But when Miranda sees kindness, humor and desire in Tobias’s gray eyes, her vow never to risk her heart again weakens.

Despite the somber gray suit and gold spectacles he wears, schoolmaster Tobias Johnston is an ex-U.S. Marshal with a dangerous past. After almost dying in a shootout, Tobias has vowed to build a peaceful new life for himself in Pine Creek, Colorado. Soon he finds himself falling head over heels for spirited, sweet Miranda. But will the violent danger she faces force a reformed gunslinger to break his most solemn oath?

Book 2

The Royal Gamble

Fleeing her beloved country while her brother fights their cruel cousin to claim the throne of Valdavia, Princess Sophia Eugenie Tamaroff arrives in New York City without money or protection. Forced to work as a parlor maid, she soon discovers she is dangerously attracted to her handsome, enigmatic employer.

Jared Grayson, former U.S. Marshal and current cattle baron, knows his beautiful new maid is lying about her past. Determined to uncover her secrets and get to know the real Sophia, he offers her a job as the housekeeper for his Diamond J ranch on the plains of eastern Colorado. Longing to see the American frontier, Sophia accepts, little guessing the risk she is taking with both her secrets and her heart.

Book 3

Simple Gifts

Christmas promises to be anything but merry for Robin Matthews who is waging a losing battle to keep her ranch and her family together. So, when rugged ex-U.S. Marshal Nathaniel Hollister grudgingly agrees to help her run the Rocking M temporarily, he appears to be the answer to her prayers. But with Christmas fast approaching, Robin is going to need a miracle to keep from losing everything, including her heart, to this kind but bitter man.

Though his attraction to her is growing by the day, Nathaniel knows he is too world-weary for a decent young woman like Robin. Once the most infamous lawman in the West, he turned in his badge after a tragedy left him guilt stricken and disillusioned. And yet Nathaniel is about to discover that the magic of Christmas has a way of making the impossible possible… and turning wishes into simple gifts that can last a lifetime